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Polishing Compound - KTS Simichrome Polish® - 50 Gram Tube, 218-2050

SKU: 14804-218-2050
$21.11 CAD
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Item #: 218-2050

One of the finest all-metal paste polishes in the world. Simichrome Polish® produces a beautiful high finish with very little effort. Simply rub on with a soft cloth and rub off to obtain a brilliant luster.

A small amount of Simichrome will remove the smokey haze often seen after final finishing bringing out the brilliance of the metal. Removes tarnish, dirt and oils, and generally renews polished metal surfaces. It leaves a sight protective film which retards oxidation.

Simichrome will polish, without scratching, any ferrous or non-ferrous metals.  Also excellent for removing shallow scratches from Plexiglas® and most other plastics.