Replacement Blade - OLFA 18mm L-SOL-10B Solid Silver Blade 9009

SKU: 9009

Item # 9009

  • Extend for deeper cuts
  • Great for thick materials like foam insulation
  • Premium Japanese tool steel
  • Fits most 18mm snap knives

Heavy-Duty Extended Reach

Push the OLFA 18mm Heavy-Duty Silver Solid Blade to its full length to cut through thicker materials. These OLFA blades fit most 18mm handles and are perfect for managing accurate cuts on foam insulation board, foam sheets, rubber tubing, and more.

Premium Japanese tool steel guarantees a superior sharp edge and excellent blade strength for a long-lasting blade. Control the depth of each cut with the option for full blade extension when you need it. These high-quality and durable 18mm blades are designed to exceed on the jobsite, in your workroom, or during home renovation projects.