Replacement Blade - OLFA 18mm LFB-10B Ultra-Sharp Black Speed Blades 10 Pack 1120896

SKU: 1120896

Item #1120896

  • Coated to minimize resistance
  • Up to 25% sharper than standard blades
  • Premium Japanese tool steel
  • Eight (8) segments per blade
  • Fits most 18mm snap knives

Increase the Speed of Your Cuts with Non-Stick Blades

Score the trifecta of cutting when you choose OLFA 18mm Ultra-Sharp Black Speed Blades. These blades help you tackle any cutting project quickly with ease. Each heavy-duty 18mm blade is crafted from premium Japanese carbon tool steel. The blades undergo a double honing process creating an edge up to 25% sharper than standard silver blades. A special non-stick coating that reduces resistance is then applied resulting in a blade that cuts up to two times faster. These blades are the perfect choice when working with dense materials such as foam insulation board, ceiling tile, cardboard, corrugated, and more.

Each Ultra-Sharp Black Speed Blade includes eight (8) snap off segments to make accessing sharp edges a breeze. Each section is scored to snap easily once the segment is dull. A quick snap reveals a fresh edge and allows you to return to your cutting. Sharp, fast, and efficient.

The universal design of this blade allows for use in most 18mm knives.