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Replacement Blades - OLFA 25mm HB Silver Snap Blades, Various Pack Quantities

PU621503 Basket

SKU: 21664-5008
$8.84 CAD
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Item # 5008 / 9061 / 1126904


  • Premium Japanese carbon steel
  • Seven (7) segments per blade
  • Fits most 25mm snap knives
  • Available in packs of 5, 20, or 40

Professional Sharpness

For extra heavy-duty professional cutting, not just any old blade will do. That is why tradespeople choose OLFA 25mm Silver Snap Blades for their tough cutting projects. These extra heavy-duty blades are crafted from premium Japanese tool steel and expertly honed for superior sharpness and unmatched edge retention.

Each blade includes seven (7) snap-off segments providing volume cutting. Each segment is deeply notched to easily snap off once the segment dull. Simple snap for a fresh, sharp edge and get back to work.