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Gloves- General Purpose - Ronco Vita Nylon Inspection 63-150-07 / 63-150-10

SKU: 63-150-07
$1.47 CAD

Item #: 63-150-07 (Ladies) / 63-150-10 (Mens)

Ronco VITA nylon inspection gloves are comfortable and form-fitting, with colour coded-hems for easy size identifications. They are lint-free for clean applications and help to protect products against scratches and smudges. Their snug fit provides excellent dexterity and they are extra thin for a sensitive touch. Customers often use them as an effective glove liner. Priced per Pair, also 12 Pairs/Bag

  • 100% New for strong, clean, odourless protection
  • Colour coded wrist serging for easy size identification
  • Scratch / Smudge protection
  • Versatile for inspection, product protection or for use as a glove liner