Samuel Poly Hand Grade Strapping

Samuel Packaging Systems Group

SKU: H1230EGB090C7

Samuel Poly Strapping
  • The most economical of all strapping material, polypropylene is a lightweight strapping that can be used for a variety of bundling applications.
  • It is available in a wide variety of sizes and gauges and offers the greatest elongation of all strapping and has good initial recovery characteristics.
  • Samuel polypropylene can be heat sealed with a joint efficiency of 70 to 80%.
  • By nature, polypropylene strapping is very flexible and has the ability to mold to contours of odd-shaped or irregular shaped packages.
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H1230EGB090C7 1/2in - 9000ft Poly Strapping
H3405EGB045C7 3/4in - 4500ft Poly Strapping

Open Style Metal Seals for Poly Strapping

4O 1/2 IN Metal Seal for Poly Strapping
6O 3/4 IN Metal Seal for Poly Strapping

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