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Scissors - OLFA 5" SCS-4 Straight-Edge Stainless Precision Appliqué Scissors 1096876

SKU: 21664-1096876
$29.76 CAD
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Item #: 1096876

  • Stainless-steel blade design
  • Sharpened to tip for accuracy
  • Blades extend through handle for leverage
  • Reinforced stainless-steel rivet maintains smooth cutting
  • Symmetrical design for right-or left-handed use

  • Cut Up To 6-Layers of Fabric with Ease

    Choose OLFA SCS-4 Precision Appliqué Scissors for any detailed cutting tasks. Crafted from premium stainless-steel and expertly honed, these scissors are ultra-sharp from the base to the tip for accurate results on any project.

    Each blade extends deep into the extra-large symmetrical handle for even pressure distribution and increased stability. A reinforced stainless-steel rivet ensures a smooth cut and fortifies the blade for use on almost any type of material – lightweight or heavy-duty. For use on up to 6-layers of fabric.

    Ideal for stitch work, thread, cloth, leather, floral arrangements, and more.