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Cut Resistant Glove - Superior Glove Food Industry S10SXB

$6.41 CAD
Item #: S10SXB
These durable gloves offer 360° ANSI Level A8 cut protection, making them an optimal choice for any food-handling tasks that involve blades. They’ve been treated with Ultra-Fresh to achieve a 99.9% antimicrobial status, and a shrink-preventing Size-Lock™ treatment makes them fully launderable for easy cleaning. The gloves are also touchscreen compatible and free of latex to prevent allergic reactions. 
  • 360° ANSI Level A8 cut protection guards against the most hazardous food processing tasks
  • Specifically designed to minimize the risk of contamination in the workplace and treated with Ultra-Fresh to achieve a 99.9% antimicrobial status
  • FDA-compliant for safe food handling
  • Treated with Size-Lock™ to prevent shrinkage
  • Crafted with latex-free materials to prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions
  • Touchscreen compatible to seamlessly move between tasks
  • Applications: food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing