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Tilt Truck - Techstar Plastics Econo Techtruck™ 420EC

SKU: 15400-420EC
$494.25 CAD

Tilt Truck - Techstar Plastics Econo Techtruck™ 420EC is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

  • If you have large but lighter loads, the Econo Techtruck™ is the perfect way to move and dump your materials
  • Moulded from recycled black polyethylene, this truck is a cost effective option for your material handling needs, plus they are nestable, minimizing storage and shipping costs
  • Comes equipped with a rugged moulded plastic base and is mounted on two 10" polyolefin wheels in the rear and one 4" threadguard caster up in the front, giving this truck excellent maneuverability and stability for dumping
Model No. Volume (cubic yards) Outside LxWxH (inches) Maximum Load (pounds) Wheel Diameters (inches) Stock Colour Shipping Weight (pounds)
420EC 5/8 55 x 28 x 38 300 10 + 4 Recycle Black 50