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Utility Cart - Techstar Plastics Mini Starcart™

SKU: 15400-105A
$222.41 CAD

Utility Cart - Techstar Plastics Mini Starcart™ - 105A - 5 Bushels - 6 Cubic Ft is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished. The average ETA is noted at the top of this page.

  • Small but mighty
  • Come equipped with 4 3" all-swivel threadguard casters mounted on a plated steel undercarriage giving them excellent maneuverability
  • Moulded from polyethylene giving them the strength to hold up under tough conditions
Model No. Bushels Cubic Feet Stocked Colour Inside LxWxH (inches) Outside LxWxH (inches) Max Load (pounds) Ship Weight (pounds)
105A 5 6 Gray 30x16x24 33x19x28 200 25
350A 6 7 Gray 30x20x20 33x23x24 300 25
110A 7 8 Gray 31x21x21 35x25x25 300 30
115A 8 9 Gray 45x16x24 48x19x28 300 40