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Utility Cart - Techstar Plastics Regular Starcart™ 125A / 135A / 145A

SKU: 125A
$291.61 CAD

  • Used for moving bulk materials
  • Seamless rotomoulded 3/16” polyethylene body is supported by a treated plywood base
  • Easy to maneuver with 4 3” thread guard casters, two rigid and two swivel, mounted in a diamond caster pattern
Model No. Bushels Cubic Feet Stocked Colour Inside LxWxH (inches) Outside LxWxH (inches) Max Load (pounds) Ship Weight (pounds)
125A 10 12 Gray 35x23x25 39x27x30 400 40
135A 12 15 Gray 37x25x26 41x29x31 400 45
145A 14 16 Gray 38x26x28 43x31x33 400 50