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Utility Knife - Martor SECUPRO MEGASAFE Hook Blade, 116002.02

SKU: 14895-116002.02
$40.25 CAD

Utility Knife - Martor SECUPRO MEGASAFE Hook Blade, 116002.02 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Item #: 116002.02


 Would you like to have a safety knife with a large blade extension? Or are you looking for a cutting tool that can cope with the toughest of tasks? In both cases, the SECUPRO MEGASAFE is an excellent choice. Thanks to a cutting depth of up to 14 mm it does not shy away from any challenge. Your safety is still guaranteed since the fully automatic blade retraction functions even when you decide not to fully extend the blade. Ideal for cutting textiles, yarn, bands, carpets, film and plastic hoops.

-Fully automatic retractable blade for safety

-Ergonomically friendly ambidextrous slider mechanism to engage the blade

-Durable body made of aluminum

-Safer alternative to fixed blade utility knives for general cutting tasks

-Easy, tool free blade change

Dimensions: 6.0" L x 1.0" W X H 2.0" H 

Weight: 4.94 oz

Cutting Depth: 14 mm