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Vest - PIP Boss® Therm™ Base Layer Heated Vest, Universal Size, Adjustable, PC300HV100U

SKU: 18507-PC300HV100U
$182.73 CAD
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Item #: PC300HV100U


The Boss® Therm™ Heated Vest is designed to provide long-lasting relief for winter weather conditions. With three available on demand heat settings at the press of a button, the durable 5V rechargeable battery keeps you working with fast and effective heat to warm the chest and back in seconds.

  • Designed to warm and maintain core body temperature, the breathable soft-shell material is an ideal base layer providing lightweight warmth, comfort and versatility
  • Flexible heating panels built into the chest and back provide long lasting, reliable warmth at the press of a button
  • Active fit one size fits all vest includes two-way locking Velcro straps, easy to adjust for a secure, comfortable fit for any body type
  • Remote control operation with multiple heat settings
    • With three separate settings, choose your preferred temperature range:
    • LOW HEAT indicated by the light blue colour uses 25% of the vest power for temperatures up to 32° C (90° F) for up to 7 hours
    • MEDIUM HEAT will show up white, using 50% of the vest power for temperatures up to 46° C (115° F) for up to 5 hours
    • HIGH HEAT temperature range indicated by the red colour, for maximum warmth up to 57° C (135° F) for 3+ hours. 
  • Rechargeable 5V battery - multi-step safety system ensures protection from short circuits
  • Easy care machine washable 50+ wash cycles
  • Promotes blood circulation, and provides relief for muscle pain
  • Designed to be worn over a thermal garment or t-shirt
  • Effective heat for up to 7 hours on a single charge
  • Activation time: 90-120 seconds
  • Battery: USB Rechargeable 5V Mini Power Bank
  • Fabric: Nylon