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Buying Cheap Janitorial Supplies Is a Growing Trend, With BIG Hidden Costs


In many companies, the budget is always a red button issue. One of the biggest areas that see the ax with budgets is in janitorial supplies. Increasingly, purchasers are looking to bring in the greatest volume of cleaning equipment and janitorial products for the lowest cost. One of the biggest hurdles to evaluate costs for janitorial supplies, particularly in Ontario is taking into account all of the factors. Working with Hansler Smith for your janitorial supplies in Ontario means that you don't have to worry about what you're forgetting.

  • Differences in Specifications and How Products Are Used

When you end up using more or replacing janitorial products more often to get the desired result, there are no real cost savings.  

  • Acquisition Costs

Having to go through an entire budget to find ways to pinch pennies can be frustrating and extremely time-intensive. Re-evaluating multiple existing suppliers' agreements to compare it to every other option out there certainly isn't the best use of you or your employee's time. In fact, neither is having them put in countless hours comparing individual products for purchase.

  • Inventory Holding Costs

Another hidden factor in your industrial supply in Ontario costs can be from carrying levels. Making minimum orders, getting service related charges, and product lead times can all factor into higher costs. Knowing this factor in advance can help you to eliminate this issue.

Hansler Smith offers Inventory Management Solutions where not only can we help you save time and money on no longer having to shop around for industrial supply in Ontario, but we also help with keeping track of your inventory. We monitor usage, waste, theft, and when items should be replenished providing you with actionable metrics, you can use for decision making.

Gradual Declines Become Larger Issues

Declines in your janitorial efforts over time can turn into safety, health, and cleanliness issues, and after declines start to set in, they are very hard to recover from after discovery. Avoid this hidden factor of why a low-cost industrial supply in Ontario can be more expensive in the long-term by keeping your stakeholders in mind. Your staff, guests, executives, and patients that use your facility expect a certain level of cleanliness, and finding proposed solutions to meet that goal are essential.

Staff Labor Costs

One area that's very hard to identify as raising costs when using the lowest priced supplies is that labor costs can be raised because the materials make their job harder or less efficient. This cost isn't a factor that's easy to see when just looking at a product price list. Hansler Smith can avoid this pitfall by stopping the need for your company to continually compare costs and change suppliers.

Let Us Help

Hansler Smith is your go-to source for industrial supply in Ontario because we are careful to ensure that we're bringing you the best products for your purposes. We consider the lifespan of products, we crunch the numbers, and are always on the lookout for innovative products to help our clients reduce costs, so you don't have to. If we can't save you money, we simply won't push those options, because to us, it's all about the relationship. Contact us today to find out how building a relationship with Hansler Smith Ltd for your Ontario industrial supplies is going to make your life so much easier.