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Chemical Resistant Glove - Superior Glove Chemstop™ Green 19" Unsupported Nitrile NI4622

SKU: NI4622-7
$14.24 CAD

Item #: NI4622

Nitrile-treated gloves that resist chemicals in a wide range of temperatures

These gloves are made from extra-thick, 22 mil nitrile that provides outstanding protection against chemicals and solvents and feature a 19″ length to provide extra coverage against splash. They can be utilized in temperatures ranging from -4°C to 149°C (25°F – 300°F) and come with an embossed finish that allows for a steadier grip.

  • Strong resistance to punctures, abrasions and snags
  • Performs in a wide range of temperatures, from -4°C to 149°C (25°F – 300°F)
  • Thick 22 mil nitrile offers excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, fuels and some organic solvents (n-heptane)
  • Embossed finish for a strong, steady grip
  • 19″ length for a wide area of coverage
  • Applications: Food Processing, Janitorial, Petrochemical
  • Recommended For: Food service, Janitorial, Maintenance, Meat Processing